Eswood conveyor dishwasher
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Manufacturer : Eswood

Model : ES100


Eswood conveyor dishwasher

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• Single speed conveyor 100 racks per hour

• Top Mounted Controls and Electrical Control Gear, away

from water splash, easy access for Servicing.

• Machine operation inter-locked to Rinse Temperature

• Automatic fill

• Fully panelled front and sides (avoiding water splash to

motors etc. when dish wash area is being cleaned)

• Door safety switches.

• Clutch controlled conveyor (providing protection to drive

mechanism if racks jam in machine).

• Low water protection (to wash tank elements).

• Integral rinse booster heater 12kW.

• Wash and rinse elements fitted with individual thermostats.

• Dual filter system.

• Rinse economiser (pre-set to provide precise volume of

rinse water irrespective of fluctuation in water supply pressure)

Water Consumption: 400 Litres per hour (Maximum)

• Wash Temperature: 60C to 65C

• Rinse Temperature: 82C minimum

• Water Input: 65C minimum @ 200-400 kPa

• Hot Water Inlet: 1/2” B.S.P. fitting - Drain Outlet: 2 x 2” B.S.P. gravity fed

Requires 415v/5013 + Neutral electrical supply: 23.3kW

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