Culinaire Under Bench Bain Marie Without Bench Top or Pan Dividers - CH.BM.U
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Manufacturer : Culinaire

Model : CH.BM.U


Culinaire Under Bench Bain Marie Without Bench Top or Pan Dividers - CH.BM.U

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Available in 3 - 8 module units

This display is designed to be mounted under a custom made stainless steel bench top (by others)

Gantries sold separately to enable installation over the bain marie on a custom made stainless steel bench top

Adjustable digital temperature controller allows food to be held between +65°C to +90°C

(food must be heated above 65°C before being placed in the bain marie)

Wet or dry operation (temperature varies greatly when run dry so unit should not be left unattended for long periods of time)

Suits gastronorm pans up to 150mm deep (sold separately)

Model Description Dimentions Price($)
CH.BM.U.3 3 Modular under-bench unit, 2.25 K watts 1100 x 610 x 283 3100($)+GST
CH.BM.U.4 4 Modular under-bench unit, 30K.watts 1440 x 610 x 283 3400($)+GST
CH.BM.U.5 5 Modular under-bench unit, 3.75 K watts 1780x 610 x 283 3700($)+GST
CH.BM.U.6 6 Modular under-bench unit, 4.5 K watts 2120 x 750 x 283 4000($)+GST
CH.BM.U.7 7 Modular under-bench unit, 5.25 K watts 2460 x 610 x 283 4300($)+GST
CH.BM.U.8 8 Modular under-bench unit, 6 K watts 2800 x 610 x 283 4600$)+GST

With radius Wall Option

Model Description Dimentions Price($)
CH.BM.D.3 3 Modular DroP-In unit, 2.25 K watts 1137 x 647 x 284 3700($)+GST
CH.BM.D.4 4 Modular DroP-In unit, 3.0 K watts 1477 x 647 x 284 4000($)+GST
CH.BM.D.5 5 Modular DroP-In unit, 3.75 K watts 1817 x 647 x 284 4300($)+GST
CH.BM.D.6 6 Modular DroP-In unit, 4.5 K watts 2157 x 647 x 284 4700($)+GST
CH.BM.D.7 7 Modular DroP-In unit, 5.25 K watts 2497 x 647 x 284 5100($)+GST
CH.BM.D.8 8 Modular DroP-In unit, 6.0 K watts 2837 x 647 x 284 5500($)+GST
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