CookTek ThermaCube Home Delivery Bag Charger TCL200
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Category : Pizza trays pizza pans

Manufacturer : CookTek

Model : TCL200


Large ThermaCube™ Bag Charger

RENT _ TRY _ BUY is Available with Silver Chef $

Wireless heated bag delivery system that keeps food hot for 45 minutes

Use the CookTek® Thermacube FlashPak™ system and associated ThermaCube™ bags to deliver piping hot food

The unique ThermaCube™ FlashPak™ sits in the bottom of the bag and naturally convects warm air without moving parts

A complete bag (with disc) is placed on the charger tray and inapproximately 150 seconds the bag is heated. Once there is some residual heat in the bag, re-charge times are a matter of seconds

Each bag can hold several meals at over 68°C

Automatic and simple red light - green light operation

No cords attached to the bagsDimensions: 512 x 549 x 217

Packed wt: 10.6kg

Energy rating: 1.4kW